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Variable annuities in Chattanooga

Variable annuities are available through Raymond James, a local investment company who partners with Northwest Georgia Bank to provide our customers comprehensive investment services.

If you are considering a variable annuity, it’s important to consider a few factors.

·         Investment options for a variable annuity often include any combination of stocks, bonds and money market instruments.

·         The success of your variable annuity relates to the performance of the investment options that comprise it.

·         Variable annuities are ideal and recommended for long-term goals and investments, such as retirement.

·         Multiple charges and expenses accompany variable annuities.

·         Requesting and reading the prospectus is imperative to understanding the variable annuity agreement.

It’s vital to consult with an investment advisor prior to purchasing a variable annuity to understand all the policies, risks and benefits. We are happy to discuss your investment strategy in more detail to help determine if a variable annuity is the best option for you. If you’re considering this type of investment, please contact us.