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Searching for online savings accounts in Chattanooga?

When it comes to a savings account online, customers deserve easy access and flexibility. After all, it’s your money, so you don’t need your bank telling you when and how you can have it.

Available through our online banking, Northwest Georgia Bank offers online savings accounts that give customers the convenience they deserve. Whether you’re on a business trip, out of town on vacation or simply working from home, a Northwest Georgia Bank savings account enables you to make deposits or withdrawals from your account no matter your location – or the time of day. We make sure that your account is available when you need it. Deposit money from a check or transfer it over from a separate account and view the timely processing of it online.

You can log-in to view statements, which include the interest deposits that are compounded and added to your account every quarter. Your statement history will be available online as well, so any time you need to view past records, you can pull them up from any computer with a secure Internet connection. As always, our representatives are happy to accommodate your needs over the phone or in person.

To learn more about our online savings accounts, please contact us.