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Medical savings accounts available in Chattanooga.

Saving for an emergency shouldn’t begin once the unexpected event happens. With our medical savings accounts, Northwest Georgia Bank aims to provide peace of mind to the Chattanooga area families we serve.

We believe that every medical savings account should be eligible for unlimited withdrawals for qualified expenses, and we are committed to keeping our accounts low-cost to open and set up. With these medical plans, you can have peace of mind in the event that any costly, unexpected medical situation arises. These might include costs for an anesthetist, chiropractor, psychologist or even surgery. Even items like contact lenses and eye glasses can be offset through a medical savings account.

With our medical savings accounts, you can proactively save for future medical needs. You’ll also:

·         Receive a free debit card

·         Receive free online banking

·         Earn interest monthly

In the event that you need to close your account, you can do so with no penalty. To learn more about the benefits of opening a Northwest Georgia medical savings account, please contact us.