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Trust us with your certificates of deposit in Chattanooga.

Saving for your future starts today. A certificate of deposit (CD) at Northwest Georgia Bank is one of the conservative investment strategies that we recommend for clients who want to steadily increase a large sum of money.

Unlike a savings account, a CD can have a fixed rate that is guaranteed for a specific amount of time. Variable interest rates are also available as are multiple term lengths. Our representatives can discuss these in more detail with you and help determine what the best investment option would be.

Contemplating setting up a CD? A CD might be a wise investment for someone who’s looking for the following items:

·         Higher interest rates

·         No service fees

·         Minimum $1,000 to open

·         No desire to withdraw funds early.

·         Interest credited to the account quarterly.

Keep in mind that higher interest rates typically accompany longer CD terms. So, if you have the ability to set aside funds for two years, you will often receive a higher return on your money than if you invest it for only one year.

For information on our interest rates and term lengths, please contact us.