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Published Rates*

As your leading community bank, we are proud to offer attractive, competitive loan rates to our wide range of customers – from business owners to homeowners. Please see our chart below for current rate information. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our loans and how they might fit into your financial plan.

*Annual Percentage Rate accurate as of September 3, 2015 . Contact us for current rate and APR information.

APR based on $10,000 loan amount for 365 days. These calculations represent an estimate of the transaction. This estimate is based on the assumption that any fees and prepaid finance charges will be financed. This assumption will not apply to your transaction if you choose to pay such fees and charges in cash or have them deducted from the loan proceeds. In that event, your final disclosures will differ from the amounts shown here. For variable rate loans, the APR may increase after consummation. Loan rates may vary.

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